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Whether we are in the "Testing Lab" or traveling around the countryside, the iPhone is always ready for action.  Have an interesting, bizarre, beautiful, unreal, or simply amazing garden hose photo or video to share? Send it to us via email and it might just appear on our photo page.  Here are a few to get things started.


Testing our garden hose in 9 degree weather.  Guess Jeff forgot to turn the water off and made our first "ice-hose-sickle?"

All-natural hose hanger out on the farm.

A finalist picture from our "Ugly Hose" contest.

Vinyl hose splits. Does that feature cost extra?

Tried to crush our fittings with the John Deere...tractor lost.

Hose destruction day at Tim's farm.  

A little duct tape is worth a shot I suppose. Another ugly hose contestant.

Hmmm.  Wonder if these fittings are up to to the tractor smash?

A picture that speaks more than a couple of choice swear words?

Funky hose color swatches - compliments of the local paint store. 

Maybe a little copper patina on coil hose for 2015? 

Another reason for American garden hose innovation.

Hose man jewelry.

Wedding ring innovation. 

Hose harvest time in Oregon.

Coils of cranberry.

Freshly planted test lab - location 4.

Can this really be a garden hose?

Crates of hoses coming soon.

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