Watering Accessories

50 Ft Urban Mini-Coil Hose with Wand Sprayer


Our Urban Mini-Coil hose is a great lightweight watering hose for small spaces.  This low volume watering system (with a flow rate of less than 1 gallon per minute) is perfect for watering small containers of flowers and plants,  elevated garden beds, indoor house plants and small hanging baskets. Ferns love them especially because they thrive when misted.  

The integrated wand sprayer allows for precise watering and the adjustable spray tip goes from a fine cone spray down to a solid stream. So plants like fuscia and bonzai welcome the fine mist that the Urban Coil hose can deliver.

The Urban Mini-Coil hose is also great for house plants because of the range, flow and accuracy necessary for indoor use.

The coil can stretch up to 40 ft fairly comfortably, 50 Ft if you pull it out completely straight (requires a bit more effort), and can be used indoors or out.

The wand measures 20" in length and includes an adjustable spray nozzle and a separate flat spray tip.  

There is a locking switch on the spray valve for effortless watering.

A dual thread faucet adapter is included for indoor connections and fits many traditional style faucet aerator threads.