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 Hose Series Diameter Water Flow  Popularity %
400 Series 7/16 Inside 4 Gallons per Minute. Our most popular hose by far due to its ultra light, slim design.  It delivers a very nice flow of water and is great for watering containers and smaller garden areas.  Delivers about 80% of your home's water flow from your faucet. Not recommended for oscillating sprinklers or spray wands designed for larger 5/8" diameter hose.. 45%
500 Series 1/2 Inside 5 Gallons per Minute. Great all-purpose hose delivers plenty of water and is yet is still very flexible and lightweight.  A great hose for just about any job around your home. Delivers about 90% of your water flow from your faucet.  A favorite hose of the Water Right Staff.  Not recommended for some types of oscillating sprinklers. 25%
600 Series 5/8 Inside 6 Gallons per Minute. When Maximum Water Flow is Preferred. This hose, due to its size, is heavier than our smaller hoses and is bulkier too.  It is a very nice hose when 100% water flow is preferred but keep in mind that it is about double the weight and outside diameter of our 400 series. Recommended for oscillating sprinklers. 20%
Professional Coil Hose Series 3/8 Inside 3 Gallons per Minute. A great choice for decks, patios and driveways when modest water flow is acceptable and where storage and a compact design are preferred.  These hoses were not designed for pulling through or around shrubs, grass, trees or patio furniture, but can be used with awareness and care in those areas.  Coil hoses are essentially a "spring" and love to grab things.  The ideal use for coil hoses is where there are no or minimal objects that may interfere with the coil hose extension and/or retraction movement. Not recommended for oscillating sprinklers. 10%
Mini Coil Hose 3/16 Inside 1/4 Gallon per Minute The Mini Coil hose is really useful when you have a few containers of flowers or plants that need only light watering.  Some of our customers also use them in greenhouses, sun rooms, on small patios and porches. If small amounts of mists and sprays delivered gently and conveniently to delicate plants is what you are looking for then the Mini Coil hose can be a really good option.  It also comes with a sink aerator adapter that allows you to hook our garden hose connection to to a kitchen, bath or utility sink.  
Stainless Steel Fittings vs Chrome Plated Brass Fittings Our brass fittings are the highest quality in the industry and last for a very long time but if you are looking to kick it up a few notches to have the strongest, most durable, longest lasting, non tarnishing metal, choose stainless steel. These are amazing. 


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