200 Series Polyurethane Urban Hose with Wand Sprayer (1/4")


Sitting around the office one day we started talking about the watering needs of people who live in urban areas and we asked ourselves this question. 

Was there a need for a hose designed specifically for living spaces that needed water but not bucket loads of it?  Just small amounts, highly controlled, and delivered by a hose without leaky connections. And the answer was a resounding yes.  Places such as condominiums, townhomes, courtyards, apartments, roof-top and especially balcony gardens. Bingo. 

So we dug in. When we did the research we discovered that there really wasn't a hose suited for that environment, that application, that urban lifestyle. So, in typical Water Right fashion...we went to work.

Nearly 2 years of design work and field testing later, we've created that hose. 

With that said we introduce to you the chicest, most slender garden hose in the World.  We call it the Urban Garden Hose (aka the UGH).

The UGH is like no other hose in the world.  With a flow rate of less than 1 gallon per minute by design, and with a very slender profile, it's an ideal hose for the Urban gardener. 

It's the perfect hose for those who may only have small containers, an elevated garden bed or two, a small greenhouse or even a sun room where the traditional hose is just way too much. 

Please welcome the UGH to the Water Right family of polyurethane garden hose. 

More specifications:

50 Ft (1/4" inside diameter) garden hose.

20" Polypropylene Wand Sprayer.

Traditional 3/4" garden hose fitting.  No adapters required for traditional hose bibs.

Indoor Sink Adapter included.  Dual threads to connect to most brands on kitchen, bath or laundry room faucets.

USA Made