500 Series 1/2" Polyurethane Garden Hose - Spanish Moss - 25% Off


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This hose is covered by millions of polyurethane micro-bubbles.  Bubbles that provide an attractive fine bark mulch like appearance and bubbles that make our hose feel slightly fuzzy to the touch. And...it's a looker.  And what's so special about that?  Well.  It's a few things really.

The hose is lighter by about 10% as compared to our regular 500 series hose. Our innovative matte micro bubble finish makes the hose blend in with all types of landscaping.  Approximately 5 gallons per minute flow rate...plenty for most any job around the home, garden or shop.  

Micro bubbles allow us to produce colors that are rich and earthy.  Micro bubbles have a much lower coefficient of friction than solid materials and so it never wants to stick to itself.  It's not sticky or tacky.

If you are looking for a polyurethane garden hose and would rather a slightly lighter hose in a very garden disappearing color...this hose is for you.