We manufacture the finest quality polyurethane water coil hose in the world and we do it in an array of stunning colors. 

It's the perfect self-storing hose for the RV, Boat, Porch, Patio, or Deck.  And it's the ideal hose when you need something very compact.  

We can confidently say there is no finer water coil hose made in the world.  After all, we invented them.

We think it's equally important to tell our customers however that a coil hose is not always the solution for everything around the home, garden or shop. It has some limitations like less water flow (as compared to a traditional garden hose) and it likes to get caught on things like shrubs, patio furniture, car tires and more.  Does it make watering easy...yes.  Is it convenient...yes.  Does it have a mind of its own...yes.  Can it frustrate you sometimes...yes.  But is it great for what it was designed for...yes.