Professional Water Coil Hose


We manufacture the finest quality polyurethane water coil hose in the world.  It's the perfect hose for smaller watering needs on the porch, patio, and for containers and small gardens. It is also a perfect hose where you need something very compact for use in something like an RV or a Boat.  We can confidently say there is no finer water coil hose made anywhere.

We think it's equally important to tell our customers however that coil hose is not always the solution for everything around the home, garden or shop. It has less water flow than traditional garden hose and it likes to get caught on things like shrubs, patio furniture, car tires and more.  Does it make watering easy...yes.  Is it convenient...yes.  Does it have a mind of its own...yes.  Can it frustrate you sometimes...yes.  Is it great at what it was designed for...yes.

Important note: the comfortable range a coil hose can stretch is up to about 80% of it's overall length.   The reason is order to retract completely is has to be made just like tightly wound spring and it's just flat out harder to stretch to maximum capacity.  With that said, please factor that in when deciding on the ideal coil hose length for you.  Also remember that the further you pull the coil hose the more the tension increases.   


  • Manufactured in the United States using 100% lead-free, top quality, UV stabilized, FDA grade Polyurethane.
  • Solid machined brass fittings are plated twice with nickel and then chrome to provide a long-lasting, never-tarnish, durable hose fitting which also prevents lead from leaching into the water. 
  • 3/8" inside diameter design. Extremely lightweight.
  • Flexible in all weather conditions. Hot, cold, and even freezing temps.
  • Specially engineered strain reliefs on both hose ends to prevent hose kink at the faucet or nozzle end of the hose. 
  • Features 12 inch tails on each coil end making installation to faucets and nozzles a breeze.
  • Polyether-based polyurethane is designed for long-term water use.  No kinks, no cracks, no leaky connections.
  • American Innovation.  American Jobs.  American Owned.

A truly drinking water safe product.

Support ECO-Friendly hose products and keep the lead out.