What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart?

Experience. American Made Quality and Innovation. Customer Focus.

Once upon a time there were great polyurethane coil garden hoses manufactured in the United States. World-class materials and manufacturing techniques were used and the people who invented the coiled water hose category, with years of polyurethane coil hose manufacturing experience, took great pride in producing world-class products. Once the tsunami of low-quality imports hit the United States...well, you know the rest of the story. 

Retailers fell for cheap prices, novelty colors, scaled down features and inferior components. USA quality, innovation and the consumer lost out...again.

The good news. Quality USA made water coil hose is back. The same people who brought you great products before are doing it again. Why? Because American consumers deserve better.  And the owners of Water Right love what they do.

Water Right coil hoses are made from world-class polyurethane materials. Not regrind, not blends, not inferior plastics. Water Right uses only drinking water safe polyurethanes that meets both FDA and NSF standards. Water Right uses a polyether-based polyurethane that is designed for long-term water use and does not use lesser expensive polyester blends that crack or spring pin-hole leaks after just a few months. Water Right uses a proprietary coiling technique in the manufacturing process to ensure excellent rebounding properties and  we incorporate "tails" to the ends of the coil hose to provide an extremely user-friendly product.

Water Right's specially engineered equipment produces coil hose products that are very resistant to the tangled mess you get with other brands of coil hose products. We also use 25-50% more polyurethane material than most coil hoses to give our coil hose what we call "coil integrity." Coil integrity means no kinks, no tangles, great rebounding and long-lasting performance.

Take a look at most hose fittings. Do they look anything like ours? Not even close. Ours are 
commercial grade fittings that are the finest in the world and are crush-proof, lead free, don't tarnish, have extra long, specially machined threads to prevent leaks, and are double plated with both nickel and chrome to make them drinking water safe and give them a super hard, non-corrosive, durable finish.

What about our technologically advanced hose kink protectors?

Made from an advanced grade of nylon, our black spiral looking strain reliefs provide great support and flexibility at both coil ends to completely prevent hose-kink.

Additional Specifications   

100% Lead Free Polyurethane:  100% Phthalate Free; 100% BPA Free; 100% PVC Free
Coil Hose Burst Pressure Rating: Over 375 PSI.
50 ft Coil Weight 3 pounds. 75 ft Coil Weight 5 Pounds. 
Coil Hose Tails: 12 Inches
Coil Hose Diameters. Standard Series 3/8" Inside

Water Right offers a 5 year warranty on all of our garden hose products, as long as your product was purchased from us or an authorized Water Right dealer, from the original date of purchase, as well as a 1 year warranty on our watering accessories. If you believe your Water Right garden hose is defective for any reason, please contact the Water Right dealer where the original purchase was made. The dealer is the best place to get your warranty issue resolved, however if you would like to submit a warranty claim directly through us, please email us here at Water Right.

Please note: This policy does not apply to products that have been damaged by misuse, accident, modification, unauthorized repair or from any third party seller that is not an authorized Water Right Inc. dealer.

Slim & Light Polyurethane Garden Hose Specifications

100% Lead Free Polyurethane: 100% Phthalate Free; 100% BPA Free; 100% PVC Free
100% FDA & NSF Grade Polyurethane 
100% Polyether-Based Polyurethane (For Long Term Water Use)
25, 50, 75 & 100 ft lengths available
Hose Diameter Ultra-Light Series: 7/16 inch
Hose Burst Pressure: Over 400 PSI at 70 degrees F.   

Water Flow Rates

Many of our customers have asked us to compare water flow rates between our slim hose and traditional 5/8 size garden hose. We thought we would have some fun with this and put together a low-tech "test lab" in our driveway this summer as a simple way to illustrate the difference.

Our experiment included the following components:

•  One slightly used residential home within the city limits of McMinnville. Built in 1990.

•  A 0-150 PSI pressure gauge to verify our water pressure. (Actual pressure at time of testing each hose: 80 PSI).

•  1 sharpie pen

•  5 one gallon milk jugs full of water. (Subsequently emptied into our 5 gallon bucket to mark the 4 and 5 gallon marks) .

•  1 five gallon bucket.

•  1 each 5/8 garden hose 25 ft in length.

•  1 each slim and light hose 25 ft in length.

•  Both hoses were all coiled up on the ground by the bucket.

Here is what we did:

•  Both hoses were allowed to flow for exactly 1 minute into our 5 gallon bucket and we marked the final water line with our sharpie.

Here are the water flow results:

•  5/8 garden hose: 9 gallons per minute; our slim hose: 4.125 gallons per minute.


The maximum water our hose bib/faucet flowed out (at 80 PSI) without any hose installed was 5 gallons per minute.

Most homes in America are plumbed with ½ copper pipe and can only flow at approximately 4-5 gallons (at 50-80psi ) per minute no matter what size hose you install on your hose bib (faucet). This is the typical plumbing in homes in the USA built after the mid 1960's. Some older homes have used 3/4 inch pipes for their water lines in the past but not anymore. Larger pipes deliver way too much force for bathrooms and kitchens which is why building code for residential is 1/2 inch.

Unless you are hooking up to an irrigation system in the yard, or off of a main line from the municipality (usually 3/4 or 1 inch), you can't get more water out of a garden hose than what our test results show.    (Assuming 25 ft garden hose, 1/2 inch pipe and 50-80 psi).

So with that said, if you are hooking up to a standard household faucet, our slim hose performs very, very well.  Yes, if you use a 5/8 hose you will get the most flow.  Is it that much more…not really.  It just really depends on what your needs are and what the application is when you choose hose size.  If you are wanting to clean off the pool deck as quickly as possible and you don't mind lugging a very heavy hose…use 5/8.  If you want a multi-purpose hose that is very lightweight and easy to use, can also clean, water and fill things up relatively quickly, our slim hose does an amazing job. 

Again, it boils down to personal preference and trade-offs: If you want easier and lighter (at slightly less flow) use our "Slim & Light" 400 Series hose. If you want a little bit larger hose with about 1/2 gallon more per minute flow, use our 500 series hose. If you prefer to have water flow volume of a traditional garden hose, but lighter, more durable, and drinking water safe, try our 600 series hose. 

It's your choice. With traditional PVC hose or rubber you quickly add significant bulk and weight to your garden hose to get that extra 1/4 gallons per minute. Question we always ask: Is it really worth it? 

The other thing to keep in mind is flow rates over distance. Our next text will cover just that.  We will do a test with 100 ft of hose and we will provide those results when we have them completed. Our experience tells us that we will lose about 10-15% water flow at that 100 ft distance but our testing will provide actual results for you.

The other factors that influence water flow are hose attachements.  Nozzles? Wands? Twist nozzles?  Fire Hose style? Etc.  Some restrict flow even further, some do not. We will test those as well using both diameters of hose and will report those results this spring..

Please keep checking back for more test results from the Laboratory. AKA...Our Driveway.