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A Splash of Color for Spring

Orange.  Apple.  Lemon.  These are three fun new colors for us in 2017.  Available online in limited quantities.  Order yours today and receive 10% off our everyday pricing. Regular price $59.95.  Sale price $53.95  - Read More

Global Recognition

As many of our customers and friends know, Water Right is on a mission to make the gardening world a safer place.  We are proud to say we got another step closer to that mission this year with the successful launch of the world's first non-toxic polyurethane soaker hose.  We are thankful to have the suppliers we have who share the same passion and commitment to make better, safer products for the world in which we live.   For more information, we have included the press-release Covestro shared with the world on November 8. Press Release To build a better garden..  - Read More


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